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Pottery and Death

Pottery has always had a place in ceremony and ritual, and death has always been treated with respect and prescribed funerary procedures. Often pottery played

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Mar 18, 2021 • View in browser Today, the discovery of a royal brewery in ancient Egypt expands our understanding of the history of beer. — Hrag Vartanian,

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Firings and Unclaimed Pots

This is the latest info on where your pots may be and on the firing schedule. There are always unclaimed pots in the studio. It’s sad but true. And eventually they get thrown out. Keep track of your work in a journal, with photos, or some other method.

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Expand Your Knowledge

There is so much to learn! Even if you can never master it all, it is fun to see the masters at work. Learn about the medium of clay and the ceramic processes. Visit other potter’s websites. Explore and dig deeply. Have fun!

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China Part 1 My Trip

I spent six weeks in China. I was studying ceramics. one month was spent in the city of Jingdezhen, the city “where porcelain was born”.

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China part 2

As you can imagine spending six weeks in China was a really big adventure for me. I was an “artist resident” at The Pottery Workshop

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Ending Your Term

Please decide whether or not you want to renew well before your term ends. If you want to continue, then please commit as soon as

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Kiln Openings

Our kiln holds about 300 pots. We fire every three weeks on average so there is always fresh new work in the gallery. Kiln openings

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Reading List

Reading List Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Daniel Rhodes This is my potters’ bible of technical information – a must read if you want

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Shino ShinoCarbonTrapping1  ShinoCarbenTrapping2  Danger_ Correct_Sequence_for_glazing RunnyGlazesmeltedPots  

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Technical Information

About Clay: There are many kinds of clay, like earthenware, stoneware, and the most beautiful, porcelain. Porcelain is glassy and non-absorbent when fired to maturity.

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