Velvet Underglaze Painting

Velvet Underglaze Painting Learn More and make better pots Adding color and decoration Velvet underglazes can be painted on either greenware or bisque ware, and are used much like acrillic pant. They can be applied straight, or blended, or diluted.  Velvet underglazes are an Amico, commercial glaze product. They are designed for cone 6 oxidation […]

Sectional Pots

Sectional Pots Learn More and make better pots Scale up the size of Your work There is a practical limit to how high you can pull up a lump of clay, no matter how many pounds you plunk down on the wheel to start with. One factor is the length of your arm, and there […]

Pottery by Design

Pottery by Design Learn More and make better pots What is a good pot? Is it an objective or subjective Decision? Daniel Vito will discuss and and demonstrate approaches to pottery design, focusing on form and decoration. Participants should have intermediate to advanced skills and bring five pieces of their pottery, in any state: greenware, […]


Attachments Learn more and make better pots Attached Handles, spouts, necks, feet, and Knobs add interest and complexity to your work Attachments need to incorporated into the total design of your work so they look like a necessary and natural parts of the whole, not like a clunky, stuck-on, or misplaced hunk of clay. Attachments […]

Decals and Stencils

Decals and stencils Learn More and make better pots Learn to Make and Apply Decals, Transfers, and Stencils Decals and stencils are fun to play with and are a great way to add intricate detail to your surfaces. Decals, transfers, and stencils can be combined with glazing and other surface decoration. In this workshop, you […]

Altering Thrown Forms

Altering Thrown Forms Learn More and make better pots Altering has a huge Effect on the interest Level of Your work We will cover lip treatment, faceting, fluting, distortion, and surface markings.  At first everyone wants to get control of the clay and be able to make round pots. But even if you can’t make […]

The Art of Lids

The Art of the Lid Learn More and make better pots Traditional design, beautiful forms Lidded vessels are a staple of the potter’s repertoire. Lids add visual complexity, interest, and another surface to decorate . Before plastic and glass were were commercially available (70 and 200 years ago respectively), pottery was the only choice for […]

The art of the vase

The art of the vase Learn More and MAKE BETTER POTS Take your design and throwing skills to the next level Functional and decorative vessels are a staple of the potter’s repertoire. Explore aesthetic principles and design parameters for vase forms. Daniel Vito will explain his design and critical thinking process. He will also demonstrate […]