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There will not be make-up classes until further notice due to Covid 19. Everyone needs to stay with their group for now.

Here’s how this page works. You can either post a “comment” or “reply” to someone else’s comment. Make this page work for everyone by commenting when you will miss a class.

Comments say you will miss a class. Comments should be something like “This is Mark. I won’t be in class Wednesday Morning, September 8. Anyone want my spot?″

A reply is where you claim an open spot. A reply goes right below a comment and should say something like “I’ll take Mark’s spot Wednesday, September 8.”

“Don’t comment requests like “I need a spot the morning of September 10.” You are unlikely to get a reply to that. Just hunt for a comment about an opening and grab it.

20-minute delay: Note: there is a 20-minute delay before what you post shows up on this page, so don’t panic if you can’t see your post right away.

Note: You will need to fit your make-up classes within your eight-week term; however, note that if you sign up for another consecutive eight-week term, your make-ups flow forward with you into the next term. If you take a term off and then return, you lose your make-ups.

That said, even though this blog may not indicate that there is an open wheel on the particular night you want, there may be one, due to last minute unposted absences. So feel free to stop by and take your chances on finding a spot, if that’s convenient for you. There usually are one or two open wheels. Also, you can do makeups in advance. If you know you will miss week 5, you can make up in week 2. This system of posting absences and grabbing empty wheels works well if everyone posts.

To “comment,” click on the comments at the very bottom of this page. To reply to a comment and grab a spot, click “reply” right below the comment you are responding to, so your reply is indented below the comment. The newer comments are at the bottom of the comment list. You can make a comment of your own, or reply to a comment, at the very bottom of the page. Scroll down. It takes a while for your comments and replies to appear so don’t panic. As long as you hit the submit button, you’re ok.

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