Donna’s Return

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I am incredibly pleased to announce that my wife, Donna Hetrick, is re-joining me as a partner at Fireborn Studios.

We began Fireborn Studios in 1987 and worked side by side for 19 years. Our son Noah was  born in 1997. He grew up in the studio, and we were both sort of “stay at home” parents. Then in 2007, when Noah was in high school, Donna took a job with Pittsburgh Public schools and taught IB Art and Ceramics for 13 years. Now in 2019, she is back at Fireborn again. 

As a reward for all Donna’s hard work we are building a private studio for her on the third floor at Fireborn.

Her role in the business side of Fireborn will be evolving. Bennett will remaining as studio manager. I will continue as CEO.

In addition to Donna’s role at Fireborn she will be gardening, bicycling, dancing, and traveling as much as possible. 



Dan Vito


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