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We offer private lessons on a variety of levels. The hours available are weekday afternoons, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening and Sunday afternoon-evening.

Hands-on activities may involve specific techniques and skills, like throwing,  making lids, teapots, sectional pots, etc. We can help you solve problems, learn glazing techniques, develop technical skills, formulate clay bodies or glazes, fire kilns, etc.

When you depart you may take your work home. It is logistically prohibitive for us to track, trim, glaze, and fire your work and get it back to you within the construct of our studio. The fun is in the making. Lessons are usually from one to two hours long.

Terms: once a mutually satisfactory date and time are established you will need to make a $75 deposit online at Lessons are $100 per hour per person.  No refund of your deposit will be given for cancelations within 24 hours of your appointment.

Please note that there are many steps involved in completing a pot that happen over a four-week time span, so if you really want to learn how to make pots have finished, glazed pots to take home, the best bet is to take one of our regular eight week classes.

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Private Lessons

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