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kiln opening

The Kiln

Our kiln holds about 700 pots. We fire every three weeks on average so there is always fresh new work in the gallery.

Kiln openings are always exciting. It is like Christmas morning, but it happens more than once a year! There are always surprises and the best is when an experimental glaze or technique is transformed by the fire into a beautiful work of art (FireBORN i.e. birthed in fire). There is always something new. SaveSave

As the temperature inside the kiln increases the color goes from red to orange to white as we climb to 2400 degrees. A firing takes 18 hours to heat up and another 18 to cool down.

The Glaze room

We have 50 buckets of glaze and lots of containers, sprayers, and mixing equipment. Many of our glazes are our own creating and took years of research and experimentation. Some are classic traditional recipes. We weigh the ingredients out to the gram so they are just right. 

The Gallery

Our gallery has now spread into four rooms. 


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