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Forty years of research and experiments with glaze chemistry and application techniques have yielded glazes that range from stunning Copper Reds to deep Cobalt Blues and classic Chun, Tenmoku, Oil Spot, and Shino.

Fireborn Studios makes great functional pots using porcelain clay with gorgeous glazes. Every detail is created with attention to function and aesthetics. Our timeless designs are made to last a lifetime. Our gallery is always changing as we make new work.

We carry work by around 20 different glass artists. You can pay thousands of dollars for hand blown glass but most of ours is a great value and priced under $300. 

This is Dan’s new “Festiva Ware.” It is porcelain with velvet underglaze slip painting, covered with a clear glaze. Dan began creating it in January 2021. It is related to his new line of terra cotta ware. 

Raku colors are as unique as the process itself. Red-hot pots are plunged into organic matter and then smothered with a metal lid. The results are spontaneous and awesome.

Donn Hedman spent his childhood in Africa where his parents were missionaries. His loose, suggestive slip trailing reflects his love for wildlife and African themes.

We collect ashes from friends’ fireplaces and, after screening them, spray them directly on some of our pottery before firing. The rivulets are a characteristic of the high surface tension and fluidity of ash glazes.

Shino glazes can range from white to orange to black when they trap carbon in this high-sodium glaze during the firing. Results are unpredictable, responsive to form and fire, and potentially quite beautiful.

The mystery and magic of nighttime and the love of nature are the inspiration for Donna’s Night Sky Series, created using colored slips, sgraffito, washes, glazes and gold lustre. Landscapes and patterned animals adorn bowls, cups, vases, and jars.

This work is related to and precedes Festiva ware. The colored slip decorations contrast pleasantly with the red clay. We have decorative wall hangings and functional planters made in this style.

All of our dinnerware is custom-made after consultation and collaboration with the client. Glazes, pattern, style, and shape evolve. The client will get a totally unique set of dinnerware and accompanying serving pieces. 

For the latest sale information click the link above. The red glass platter above is 24 inches. On sale now for 50% off. Was $1200, now $600. Visit our gallery to see all of our sale items.

We have been making and selling pottery at our studio in Pittsburgh, PA for over 30 years. There are always new things to see. Everything is hand-made and one of a kind. Here you will find the largest and most diverse selection of Fireborn pottery, plus work of other artists, including glass, jewelry, more pottery, and prints. You will also find larger scale work, experimental work, and sale items. Fireborn is a family business run by Daniel Vito and Donna Hetrick.
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How do simple, beautiful objects bind us together?

Because objects obviously made and touched over time by one human, especially objects transferred to another human being, sometimes passed down from one generation to another, connect us to family and community and culture. The connection between artist, object and user is important.