Velvet Underglaze Painting

Presented by Jeennie Nickolls and Daniela Krahe
Adding color and decoration

Join Daniela Krahe and Jeennie Nickolls to learn how they use velvet underglazes to create detailed images, patterns, and scenes on their pottery. Composition, layering, blending, brushwork, tools and materials will be discussed and demonstrated.

For hands on practice, we will provide small slabs of leather hard, bone dry, and bisque ware for experimentation. We will provide palettes of underglazes and basic brushes.

After participating in a hands-on demonstration on how to mix glazes successfully, each attendee will practice what they learned by painting a simple landscape on a slab. Next each artist will begin drawing and painting on their own pieces. Feel free to bring in whatever you prefer – leather hard, bone dry or bisque ware – also favorite brushes, palette knives, etc. Come with an idea of what you want to paint or use what we provide. This could be a simple pencil sketch or a photo.

Begins at 1:30 p.m.

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