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Here are the main reasons pots end up in the dumpster:

  • Pots are not claimed in a timely manner. After the term is over or firings are completed, you must take your work home. Pots with no dates, or the oldest dates, or illegible information get discarded first.
  • People don’t recognize their work and deal with it. Keep a journal, photos, or notebook.
  • Improper or illegible signatures
  • Pots are too thick to fire (they might explode in the bisque kiln).
  • Pots are poorly glazed and the glaze runs off onto the shelves, ruining the pot. Beginner glazers, should wok closely with their instructors to be successful.
  • Poor design or execution. Proper timing and technique are necessary for handles to stick to your pots. Proper trimming and glazing are also important. 
  • Accidental breakage by others.

The main reason your signature needs to be legible is so that we can identify who made the pot and so we can communicate with you.

You MUST, put your last name, date, and class symbol on EVERY POT YOU MAKE, and it needs to be legible! If there is not proper LEGIBLE information on your pots, it is an issue for everyone who moves your work through the studio cycle. And we have thousands of pots moving through the studio cycle at any moment, moved repeatedly, by several people. 

Sometimes we want to email the owners about issues, but can’t.


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