Firings and Unclaimed Pots

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The last glaze firing was March 5, 2021 

The next glaze firing wont be until the kiln is full again. My guess is round April 5, 2021

If you had any pots in the last firing please pick them up ASAP.

Unclaimed Pots

Unclaimed Bisque Ware: This is an explanation of what happens at the end of every term and where pots go. 

At then end of each term the all the bisque ware that was on the shelves in the little alcove by the waxing area is placed on the white table, where it remains for one week, giving returning students a opportunity to claim their pots. 

After one week, all the remaining unclaimed bisque ware is moved to the shelves by the washing machine. It will remain there for the rest of the term (7 more weeks) unless we run out of room. In that case the oldest pots, or pots with illegible signatures, or with no class symbol, will be discarded first. 

At the end of the 8 week term, any pots still unclaimed by the washing machine will be discarded, and the whole cycle begins again. 

Unclaimed Glazed Ware: Pots form the last glaze firing remain downstairs until the next glaze firing is completed. Then they are moved upstairs by the washing machine until we run our of room, and then they are discarded. That usually takes about three weeks.

We encourage you to keep track of what you make. You could use a sketch book, journal or photos. Here is a sample of a journal you can print and use.

The Sad End of Some Pots

This is sad, but typical. 

At the end January-February 2021 term there were over 100 pots by washing machine, some of which had been there for seven weeks. Most were from the term ending in December 2020. Numerous notifications had been sent and announcements made, asking students to look there for missing pots. Finally, at the end of February, 2021, whatever was left went in the dumpster. 

Unclaimed pots
Unclaimed pots in the dumpster

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