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kiln opening

The Kiln Our kiln holds about 700 pots. We fire every three weeks on average so there is always fresh new work in the gallery. Kiln openings are always exciting. It is like Christmas morning, but it happens more than once a year! There are always surprises and the best is when an experimental glaze […]

Instructors Schedule

Back to Class Blog home Pg learn more…make better pots… For the term beginning October 18, 2021 Zach Gideon teaches Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings Garick Tai-Lee teaches Tuesday Evening Bennett Graves teaches Tuesday Morning Karen McKee teaches Wednesday Morning Featured posts

Simply Amazing

This man throws 30 to 40 pound pots all day long, going through thousands of pounds of clay a day. This pot took him under 3 minutes to make. 

Goodbye Pots

Here are the main reasons pots end up in the dumpster: Pots are not claimed in a timely manner. After the term is over or firings are completed, you must take your work home. Pots with no dates, or the oldest dates, or illegible information get discarded first. People don’t recognize their work and deal […]

The Best Handle

Tom Coleman demonstrates the best way to pull a handle. This is my favorite way to make a handle. I was going to make this video but them I found Tom’s. He even uses the same vocabulary as I do, including “carrot”. I personal don’t like the technique in the video below as much […]

Make Up Classes


Fireborn Studios does not offer make-up classes during another regularly scheduled morning or evening class. If you wish to get in more studio time consider signing up for a Saturday Open Studio.  Note: You must be signed up to attend. Go to Open Studio page

Beginner Glazers Group

you are a beginner glazer unless Marked otherwise on the attendance sheet! There are three groups: Beginner, Independent, and Mentor.  YOU are in the beginner group unless otherwise promoted by your instructor, and thus noted on the attendance sign-in sheet. Glazing can make or break your pot. A mediocre pot can look great with a good […]

Tools We Recommend

Should you want to add to your tool collection these are a few of the best additions, and Dan recommends them.  Please note that the Kemper tools are made in multiple sizes, for example there are four sizes of hole punches, so get the exact thing I recommend. All of these are available at Standard […]

Custom Work

All of our dinnerware is custom-made after consultation and collaboration with the client. Glazes, pattern, style, and shape evolve. The client will get a totally unique set of dinnerware and accompanying serving pieces. 

Adding Value To Your Pots

Altering, Carving, Faceting and Fluting can add value to your pots. I hope this videos help our students to find creative ways  to add value to their pots, using the above techniques, and have fun with the process.

Pottery and Death

Pottery has always had a place in ceremony and ritual, and death has always been treated with respect and prescribed funerary procedures. Often pottery played an important roll. Below are mummified remains from the sands of Egypt, 3500 years BCE. In the upper photo tower of the pots were pit fired with the rim down […]

Pottery and Beer

Mar 18, 2021 • View in browser Today, the discovery of a royal brewery in ancient Egypt expands our understanding of the history of beer. — Hrag Vartanian, editor-in-chief   Discovery of an Industrial Brewery in Ancient Egypt Rewrites the History of BeerTo archaeologists, understanding the building of the Pyramids at Giza is a matter of scaling up […]


Festiva Ware – NEW This is a new work by Daniel Vito using colorful underglaze slip painting on porcelain. Festiva- by Dan Vito-2 Festiva- by Dan Vito-14 Festiva- by Dan Vito-4 Festiva- by Dan Vito-6 Festiva- by Dan Vito-7 Festiva- by Dan Vito-8 Festiva- by Dan Vito-9 Festiva- by Dan Vito-10 Festiva- by Dan Vito-11 […]

Donn Hedman

Donn Hedman Pottery Donn grew up in Africa where his parents were missionaries. You can see the influence in his slip trailed glaze decorations. He is an excellent potter. Donn Hedman Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery Donn Hedman Pottery […]

Our Glazes


We have over 40 glazes. There are thousands of possible combinations. Finding the right combination for the form and function of the pot is the hard part.   Terra Cotta Hanging Platter Decorated with White Slip and Markings Glaze Close-up Teapot with Celadon and Ash Glaze Detail of platter with black glaze Glaze Close-up Ash […]

Handblown Glass

We have hand blown glass by over 20 artists Wavy Glass Bowl 10″ Vase with Gold Leaf and Decoration 14″ Handblown Glass Ornaments Glass Vase with Cane Pattern 9″ Glass Vase with Bubbles 8″ Glass Vase with Gold Leaf 14″ Wavy Glass Vase with Gold Leaf 12″ Glass Vase with Bubbles 10″ Glass Bowl with […]


Raku Wall Hangings with impressions of plants Raku is a Japanese word for an unusual firing process and the resulting pottery. The pottery is heated in the normal manner until the glaze melts, and then it is immediately removed from the kiln. The red hot pots are cooled rapidly. Sometimes they are cooled in oxidation […]


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Night Sky

Back to Shopping Night Sky- by Donna Hetrick What happens in the forest at night? Who is awake? What are the animals doing? Tree Bowl with gold luster and slip decoration. Tree Bowl side view Tree Bowl 3/4 view Baobob Cup Savannah Cup Giraffe Jar Giraffe Jar view 2 Turtle Vase Turtle Vase view 2

Terra Cotta

Back to Shopping TERRA COTTA POTTERY This line of terra cotta wall hangings, sculptures vases and planters was started in 2018. Terra Cotta Planter Decorated with Colored Slips Terra Cotta Planter Decorated with Colored Slips Terra Cotta Planter Decorated with Colored Slips Terra Cotta Hanging Platter Decorated with White Slip and Markings Silhouette Wall Hanging […]


Shino Glazed Pottery  Shino is a glaze that deserves a page all of its own. This category of glaze has Japanese origins but has been reinvented in America. It is a high sodium “carbon trap” glaze. During the early reduction stages of the firing, at about 1500º Fahrenheit, carbon atoms attach to the high amount […]

Ash Glazed Pottery

About Ash Glazes We collect ashes from friends’ fireplaces and, after screening them, spray them directly on some of our pottery before firing. The rivulets are a characteristic of the high surface tension and fluidity of ash glazes. Before kilns were fired with natural gas, wood was used. Ash from the fire flew throughout the […]

Expand Your Knowledge

three vases

There is so much to learn! Even if you can never master it all, it is fun to see the masters at work. Learn about the medium of clay and the ceramic processes.

China Part 6 My Crate Arrives

I bought brushes, glazes, tools and about 400 small pots in China. I also had a dozen molds made so I could watch the process and learn how to do it. Then I had a one and one half cubic meter crate custom made, packed it and had it shipped by sea and truck to […]

Donna’s Return


After teaching ceramics in public school for 13 years, Donna has returned to Fireborn full time.

China Part 4 – Amazing Throwing

This video was taken in in a small studio in Jingdezhen, China. The techniques are quite different than what is common in the USA. The mystique of throwing and the focus on it belies the fact that, although throwing begins the process of making a pot, trimming takes two or three times longer than throwing. All […]

China Part 3

Excellent videos about China and Jingdezhen, where I spent a month.

China part 2

As you can imagine spending six weeks in China was a really big adventure for me. I was an “artist resident” at The Pottery Workshop for a month, with two meals a day provided except on weekends. The Pottery Workshop’s mission is not teaching.  It’s mission is to facilitate artist in doing whatever they want […]

China Part 1 My Trip

I spent six weeks in China. I was studying ceramics. one month was spent in the city of Jingdezhen, the city “where porcelain was born”. The last two weeks I toured Xian, Beijing and Shanghai. People ask what China was like. I arrived at Pudong Airport in Shanghai. It was totally modern and organized. Determined to […]

Trimming Help

These are videos I made to help you with trimming.

Open Studio Saturday Access

Fitting a Lid

Open Studio Noon to 4:00 Saturday open-studio access, without instruction, is sometimes available during weeks one through seven of the term… depending on whether or not the studio is booked for other activities. However, there is never open studio on week eight. Open studio is a great way to hone your skills with extra practice. […]

Mexican Potters

Mexican pottery is mostly in one of the three styles pictured.

Parking Permits and Street Cleaning Issues

Parking issues during classes at Fireborn Street cleaning Permit areas Free parking Note: There are some blocks where a permit is not required, others where it is required. There are some blocks where streets are cleaned and other streets that are never cleaned. Look for signage or the absence of signage. The city’s policies are random. Also they often […]